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High School Electives

Digital Photo


The assignments I am providing for the next few weeks are designed to get you outside! Any results you have can be posted to your weebly or shared on your One Drive. I look forward to seeing your efforts!

Reminder: Photoshop can be downloaded on your home computer. Go to and sign in using your Outlook account and password. Under the red Creative Cloud icon, click the blue button that says open. Click on ‘All Your Apps’. Then download Photoshop.



Week 1- Landscape Photography

Spring has sprung! Read the article below and really study the imagery. This photographer manages to take pieces of nature we would pass by without a thought and make them really beautiful.


Activity: Each day go out for 20 minutes and photograph something new that you discover each day. If you have access to Photoshop, use it to blur your background to help the viewer focus on one aspect of your photograph.


Week 2- Andy Goldsworthy

Andy Goldsworthy is a site-specific artist and photographer. He creates pieces in nature using the elements within that specific site. He then photographs the image. Read and look through the article below.


Activity: Find the most interesting nature spot you can. Maybe it’s your yard, a park, an alley. Using what is around you, construct a mini-sculpture reminiscent of Goldsworthy. Photograph your creation each day of the week to see how it changes day to day.


Week 3- Mirror Portraits

Read and look at the various examples in the article below. There are also many other examples online. Take a mirror of some kind outside and experiment with interesting ways to capture your portrait. You could also photograph someone else in your household. Think about lighting, shadow, and angle when composing these pictures.



Week 1- Hemi/Flathead/Pushrod


  • Identify Primary Differences Between These Three Types of Engine.
  • Know sequences required for torquing
  • Understand the significance of rebuild order and organzation
  • Diagnosing what parts cannot be reused





Week 2- Brakes


  • Recognize Required Brake Tools
  • Know the Difference Between Front And Rear Brakes
  • List and Know How To Diagnose Brake Faults





Week 3- Alignment


  • Define “Road Force Balance”
  • Identify Key Alignment Angles
  • Define and Know How To Diagnose “Steering Angles”

Why Do We Balance Wheels:

Why Do Cars Need Alignment:

Correcting Tire Pull or Vehicle Drifting Issues:

Vehicle Pull When The Brake Pedal Is Applied:

Casting Measurement:

Culinary Arts

Chef Shepherd’s at home resources:


Please email Chef any and all photos and or videos of your kitchen/food adventures.

If you get board or stuck with a recipe remember I am your chef so ask me all of your culinary questions, Facebook or email. I am thinking about you with every meal I cook and every bite I take, “be good and eat well”!


Week 1 - Sanitize your kitchen


  • Sanitize and clean, interact with Chef!


  • Um...You Missed a Spot: A Neat Freak's Guide to Kitchen Cleaning


  • Washing and Sanitizing Kitchen Items


Week 2 - Dough Basics and Baking Science


  • Bake and interact with Chef!


  • Breadmaking 101: All About Proofing and Fermentation


  • How to Make the Best Banana Bread


Week 3 – Market basket challenge!

Yes there are prizes!!!


  • See pick up times and contest rules!


Bistro Logo

”Change the world with a spoon”



Band Students!


Please visit the Online Enrichment link of our website for in introductory video and a short 1 question quiz!






James Kubinski

Band Director-South Lake High

And South Lake Middle Schools


High School Music Lessons & Resources By: Mrs. Jaroma


Intro – Okay since we are all to stay at home during this time let’s make the most of it. I would like for students to start a music journal. This does not need to be anything formal it is for the students at this time.


Week #1 -


Do your regular stretches everyday if you can. (These are good for you!)

Click on the link below for some warm-ups. You can also do the warm-ups we have been doing in class.


For starters you can take any or all of the pieces we were working on and sing along with them. Also, in a music journal. Write about what these songs mean to you.

I’ll Be There

It Don’t Mean a Thing Wade In the Water Listen


Week #2 – Start with your stretches as well as warm-ups. List 3-5 songs that inspire you or raise up your spirits. They must have clean lyrics and be school appropriate. If you have access, make a list of the links for yourself. (We may share these at some point!) These songs should also be a part of your musical journal. In this journal list why, these songs are important or what they mean to you.


Also, ask those around you or if you are texting (because Mrs. Jaroma can’t take your cell phones since you are not in class) what songs inspire them. List these in your music journal as well.


Week #3 - Stretches and warm-ups. This warm-up is seems pretty fun.


Listen to some fun music and sing along. It can be from a Disney movie, music from musicals – the clip below is from the “Annie” soundtrack, Victorious Soundtrack, Hairspray – You Can’t Stop the Beat or something that makes you want to sing out and get up and dance. Again, have lots of fun. If you have a sibling sing these songs with them. In your journal list what songs you like the best, how they make you feel or think and why.


Annie o8L73rjLC6A9aOPv

Hairspray – You Can’t the Beat

 Victorious Soundtrack


Resources - The Detroit Symphony Orchestra has some great resources. Please look at this page and listen to the different pieces. There is some great information to read in there as well.


Detroit Symphony Orchestra Educational Resources (

Intro Art, Intermediate Art, Advanced Art


Week 1

Listen to this podcast. There are three parts.

Related activity: Using any colored pencils you have, try to create as many different colors as you can by using the layering process we practiced 2nd quarter. How many kinds of blue can you make? Red?

Related activity: Practice creating fluid lines with varying thickness as demonstrated in the video.

Related activity: Try and draw and shade an egg paying attention to all the parts of light and shadow as explained in the video. Make sure your egg is lit by something enough to create a cast shadow on one side.

Week 2

Watch the tutorial below and try and create the same kind of op art image. To do so, you will need a ruler and some colored pencils. Pay close attention to your values (light, medium, and dark) so that your op art piece has the desired movement when you are done.

Week 3

Listen to these podcasts.


Related activity: Dye Easter eggs with your own homemade natural dyes.



Artsy things to explore and do


Artsy Things

Physical Education, Weight Training, and Sports

The assignments I am proving you for the next three weeks are to get you active for at least 60 minutes a day. I will also be sharing different sport articles which I encourage you to read. They will have rules and regulations of the sports that we would have covered in class. I also suggest going for a walk, bike ride, or playing a sport outside if possible. This will help keep you active and get your heart rate up as well as enjoying some fresh air.

Week 1:

I have attached a Kahoot game with questions along with a few short workouts. This will help you get back into the swing of things.

Activity: Each day complete one of the HASFIT programs listed below. As well as getting outside and staying active.

Week 2:

I have attached flag football rules and regulations article for you to read.

Activity: Each day complete one of the HASFIT programs listed below.  As well as getting outside and staying active.

Week 3:

I have attached soccer rules and regulations video for you to read and review.

Activity: Each day complete one of the HASFIT programs listed below. As well as getting outside and staying active.


The assignments I am proving you for the next three weeks are too build upon our tobacco unit we left off on.  I will also be sharing articles which I encourage you to read. I also suggest going for a walk, bike ride, or playing a sport outside if possible to work on your mental health.


Week 1: Tobacco

I have attached an article from the American Lung Association with the current ingredients listed in cigarettes and how many chemicals are considered cancerous.

Activity: Please watch the attached video on how cigarettes affect your body.


Week 2: Vaping

I have attached an article that covers Tobacco, Nicotine, and E-Cigarettes. This one might take you a few days to read but it has a lot of information regarding the topic.

Activity: Please watch the attached videos regarding vaping.


Week 3: Smokeless tobacco

I have attached a few articles that cover smokeless tobacco for you to read.

Activity: Please watch the attached video. This is a dentist from Southfield, Michigan.



Hola! The following videos are for supplemental/enrichment material

for Spanish 1/2/3.



 We have covered Latin American culture by watching videos and reading from the

Text book. This video provides excellent facts from all the Spanish-speaking countries.

Take notes and make notes cards.  (culture)



Make sure you repeat these basic sentences out loud. Write them down and

say them to your parents.  (review basic sentences)



With this video, you can review sentences and learn new ones. Make sure you write

The sentences down and repeat all week.



Hi, Guys, Ms.Li here. I hope everyone is doing great and staying safe. Before I start, here is my email, you can email me anytime if you have any questions.

We are now in the unit of “school unit”. It is the last second unit of the year and we are half way to the end. It should be very short and easy. Before we see each other in class next time, here are my expectations below:

  • Practice the words I list below, the pronunciation and spellings
  • Try to practice sentences patterns, basic ones, positive statement, negative statement, yes/no questions, wh-questions.


Words list:


Chinese class: zhong wen ke

English class: ying wen ke

Math class: shu xue ke

History class: li shi ke

Gym class: ti yu ke

Art class: mei shu ke

Science class: ke xue ke

Computer class: dian nao ke

Music class: yin yue ke


Daily schedule:

Get up: qi chuang

Eat breakfast: chi zao fan

Go to school: qu xue xiao

Go to …classes: qu……ke

End class: xia ke

Eat lunch: chi zhong fan

Return home: hui jia

Eat dinner: chi wan fan

Sleep: shui jiao


School supplies:

Pen: bi

Pencil: qian bi

Book: shu

Backpack: shu bao


Places in school:

Bathroom: ce suo

Classroom: jiao shi

Office: ban gong shi

Gym: ti yu guan

Library: tu shu guan

Computer lab: dian nao shi

Play ground: yun dong chang ( sports field)

     Yun dong: general word for sports


Directions: (sentence pattern: A zai B directions)


Up/above/on: shang mian

Down/below/under: xia mian

Left: zuo mian

Right: you mian

Front: qian mian

Outside: wai mian

Inside: li mian


East: dong mian

West: xi mian

South: nan mian

North: bei mian 


Sentences needed to practice:


What class do you like?


I like math class.


Where is your English classroom?



Who is your art teacher?


I don’t have gym class at 10:45.


What time do you go to your history class?


Does your friend have computer class?


Bathroom is on the left of science classroom.


What day do you have gym class?


I go to computer lab at 12:30 on Wednesday.


Is library behind the office?


I don’t eat breakfast.


She likes music class the most.


How many classes do you have on Friday?


Do they go home at 3:35?


Whose book is this?


Do you have a book?


I have Chinese class on March. 18th.


Journalism I-IV

Here is an interesting activity that encompasses what we do as journalists. I won’t be grading this but we will be sharing our experiences when we return so this would be a good start.


Of course, if you volunteered to help with finishing the yearbook, please focus on that first (see remind for details). Stay safe and be well, Allen


PATH 1: Quick Take

Tell us your story. Your goal is to produce a 1-3 minute video or written piece of your life during the pandemic.


Put pen to paper and write down all the ways in which coronavirus has affected you. Use this to get your thoughts together and think about your friends and family members, too. Are you stuck at home? Scared for yourself or loved ones? Worried about your job? Grieving cancelled events?

If the virus hasn’t impacted you directly, why not? What are you hearing?


On paper or with your computer/electronic device, use the following prompts and questions to create the BEGINNING, MIDDLE and END of your piece:

Describe who you are (age, grade), where you live, and where you go to school.

Are there cases of coronavirus in your community? What do you know?

At what point did coronavirus become a serious concern for you, your family, school?

How has this global pandemic impacted you directly? Explain using specific examples - such as - your school cancelled games, dances, classes, etc.. Start when it first effected you up to now. Check out this example from NewsHour producer Adam Raney and his experience with coronavirus after coming back from a trip to Italy.


Example - Adam Raney instagram



After you have gathered or written all of the information that you want to include, choose the medium you’d like to use to share your story (VIDEO, GOOGLE SLIDES, GOOGLE DOC, ETC) You can send it to me for feedback or save it until we meet again.


Above all be creative and really apply this to yourself. The next suggested assignment will be connected to doing a virtual interview of another person.