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Welcome to the South Lake Schools Curriculum and Technology online ambien webpage. The South Lake Schools Board of Education has adopted the State Content Standards and Benchmarks. For more information, visit the State of Michigan Department of Education webpage for K-12 Curriculum and Standards.

Below you will find information on the curriculum and programs that South Lake Schools offers to students.

Elementary Curriculum

Testing Windows

All students in South Lake are regularly screened using assessment tools that provide teachers, students, and administrators with vital information about each students instructional level. Please see below for the testing window schedule for the 2017-18 school year.


Elementary Report Card Information

In South Lake Elementary Schools teachers evaluate students using report card standards. These standards are aligned to the Content Standards outlined in the Common Core State Standards and the Michigan Department of Educations Grade Level Content Expectations. To access the Report Card Guides and Timelines please CLICK HERE.


Multi-Tiered System of Support

South Lake Schools is committed to helping all students succeed. There are many ways to help students to be as successful as possible. We also realize that our students do not come to us a “one size fits all” learners, and have different learning styles and learn at different rates. Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) is one way to offer needed support. Below you will find information and resources that pertain to South Lake Schools MTSS system.


Secondary Curriculum

Secondary Curriculum

Graduation Requirements

Students must meet the following graduation requirements established by the South Lake Schools Board of Education and the Michigan Department of Education in order to receive a diploma from South Lake Schools.

All students must earn a total of 22.5 credits to graduate with 18 credits in the following areas:


English Language Arts (4 credits)

  • ELA 9A/B or International Studies ELA 9A/B
  • ELA 10A/B or International Studies ELA 10A/B
  • ELA 11A/B or International Studies ELA 11A/B
  • ELA 12A/B or International Studies ELA 12A/B

Mathematics (4 credits)

  • Algebra 1A/B
  • Geometry A/B or
  • Algebra 2A/B or Advanced Algebra 2A/B
  • Math elective

Science (3 credits)

  • Biology 1/2 or Accelerated Biology 1/2
  • Applied Chemistry (1/2 credit) and Science elective (1/2 credit) OR Chemistry 1/2
  • Applied Physics 1/2 OR Physics 1/2

Social Studies (3 credits)

  • United States History & Geography OR AP United States History (1 credit)
  • World History & Geography (1 credit)
  • Government (1/2 credit) OR AP Government (1 credit)
  • Economics (1/2 credit)

Physical Education (1 credit)

  • Physical Education (1/2 credit)
  • Health (1/2 credit)

Visual, Performing, or Applied Arts (1 credit)

  • Introductory Art 1/2
  • Digital Photography 1/2
  • Concert Band 1/2
  • Symphony Band 1/2
  • Choir 1/2
  • Hospitality & Culinary Arts 1/2
  • Marketing 1
  • Marketing 2
  • Auto Brakes & Engine
  • Auto Electronics & Suspension

Foreign Language (2 credits)

  • Spanish 1A/B and Spanish 2A/B
  • Mandarin 1A/B and Mandarin 2A/B
  • Two years of foreign language do not have to be earned consecutively but must be in the same language.

Electives (4.5 credits)

The remaining credits are comprised of elective courses chosen by the student in collaboration with his/her parent/guardian and school counselor.


Service Learning Hours

Students must earn a minimum of 20 service learning hours by the end of their senior year to qualify for graduation.


Online Learning Experience

Students must have at least one online learning experience by the end of their senior year to qualify for graduation.


Math or Math Related Course

Students must successfully complete a math or math related course in their senior year to qualify for graduation. This course may be one of the 4 credits of required mathematics courses or one of the following math related courses.

  • Hospitality & Culinary Arts 1/2
  • Marketing 1
  • Marketing 2
  • Auto Brakes & Engine
  • Auto Electronics & Suspension


Students must attend 8 semesters of high school to qualify for graduation unless the student has a plan for early graduation approved by the high school principal.

Personal Curriculum

A student, parent/guardian, or a student’s counselor/teacher may request a personal curriculum to modify graduation requirements in order to:

  • Go beyond academic requirements by adding more mathematics, science, English language arts, or world language requirements; or to complete a department approved formal career and technical education program.
  • Modify the State content standards for mathematics
  • Modify, when necessary, the credit requirements of a student with an Individualized Education Plan (IEP)
  • Modify credit requirements for a student who transfers from out of state or from a nonpublic school and is unable to meet the MMC requirements

More information can be found concerning Personal Curriculum on the Michigan Department of Education’s website HERE

Students or parents/guardians who want to explore the possibility of a personal curriculum should make an appointment with their school counselor.


Policy Downloads and Professional Development Forms

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