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First Grade

Dear First Grade Families,
Welcome to the First-Grade Home Learning Packet.
This packet includes 3 weeks to work from home assignments. Each daily assignment consists of 5 pages of math, literacy, and more!
This packet is designed to serve as a review and extra practice. However, please monitor your child as they complete the assignments and feel free to help your child review any pages they find challenging.
In addition, please also continue to read with your child and have your child read independently each day. 
Other ideas to extend learning throughout the day:
  • Name a sight word, then have your child find it on mail, magazines, or packaging around the house.
  • Have your child write notes, letters, or signs. Encourage them to sound out words instead of asking how a word is spelled.
  • Encourage your child to read their favorite books aloud to you, a sibling, a stuffed toy.
  • Encourage mathematical thinking with questions like, "How should I cut this pizza so everyone gets an equal size piece?"
  • Encourage your child to make predictions and then evaluate what happened. Ask, "What do you think will happen if we ____?" then ask, "What actually happened? Was it the same or different than your prediction?"
Thank you,
South Lake First Grade Teachers