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Please click the button below to pay for your child's latchkey bill. 
Please start by downloading the Parent Information Packet. On the first page of this packet is a table of contents that lists all required forms for enrollment in the latchkey program. The Parent Handbook is for your records but you must submit a signed receipt of the handbook to each Latchkey Supervisor at each building you have children enrolled in the program. A separate Child Information Record is also required for each child that you will be enrolling the Latchkey program, even if you have more than one child in the same building. Please note which forms are required for each building. 
The South Lake Middle School Latchkey Program is not yet open. However, you can complete the required forms and turn them in to the Middle School in advance. 
Please send any questions about this packet to your building Latchkey Supervisor or the Director of Special Services. 
Avalon Elementary - Cathy Smith - [email protected]
Elmwood Elementary - Michele Crockett - [email protected]
Director of Special Services - Jen Stern - [email protected]