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Second Grade

Dear Parents,

Thank you for your patience this week while we worked to put together this packet of resources for learning from a distance. Enclosed in this packet, you will find supplemental materials to help prevent learning loss. Information contained in this packet represents concepts previously covered in class, along with some fun activities for your student to do at home!


How can you connect with us?

If you have any questions during this time, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. You can reach us through our regular classroom communication apps, such as Class Dojo or by email:


Mrs. Gallagher-

Ms. Liva-          

Mrs. Krotche-

Mrs. Dorda-

Ms. Gould-   


We welcome daily check-ins, pictures, letters or messages from students!


Notes About Attached Resources

Week 1:

  • The Writing Choice Board has enough choices to last for all 3 weeks.
  • The i-Ready at Home Math Packet has enough pages to last for all 3 weeks.

Weeks 2-3:

Week 2: i-Ready at home ELA packet only do pages 9-15.

Week 3: i-Ready at home ELA packet only do pages 18-28.


Online Resources




Storyline Online    

YouTube (Avalon Teachers Reading Stories)



Freckle   (Mrs. Dorda, Mrs. Krotche and Ms. Gould)

MobyMax  (Mrs. Gallagher)

Zearn    (Mrs. Liva)

Prodigy (Ms. Gould)


Science/Social Studies:

Nat Geo Kids

PBS Kids   




Sample Daily Schedule During Time Off

Please note this is just a suggested schedule J




*Brush teeth and get dressed for the day

(comfy clothes welcomed)


*Language Arts

½ hour of reading (packet activity)

½ hour of writing (select topic from writing choice board)

½ hour of computer based learning (Raz Kids, Storyline, etc.)


*Physical Education

(if they can’t get outside, is free and students love it)


*Arts and Crafts/Build/Experiment

Check the list of STEM activities attached for ideas




*Silent Reading Time (15-20 minutes)

Flashlight reading/Read in your room



i-Ready Math Packet work (20 minutes)

10 minutes of practicing math facts

20 minutes of computer based math learning (Zearn, Freckle, MobyMax)




*Reading Choice Time

 Read to your Stuffed Animal

 Have a Family Member Read to You

 Listen to a Story Online (YouTube, Storyline, etc.)


*Clean up time

Pick one room to straighten or clean or do a chore for your family


*Share out

Tell one thing you learned or did to a parent or to your teacher

You can reach your teacher on ClassDojo or email!

Pictures welcome too!