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About Us » Mission, Vision, Goals, & Beliefs

Mission, Vision, Goals, & Beliefs


South Lake Schools is committed to being a leader of excellence.


South Lake Schools’ vision is to create a school district committed to working together with the community in a positive environment to prepare all learners for the future.



  • All decision making must be based on what is best for children academically, socially, physically, and emotionally.
  • South Lake Schools is a community of learners and all members of the community have a right to succeed.
  • High expectations lead to high achievement.
  • Attitude is more important than ability.
  • All members of the South Lake community are mutually accountable.
  • The diversity of our learning community is valued as a positive reflection of global society.
  • Teaching how to access information and how to examine information critically is more important than teaching specific factual knowledge.


Goal 1

Strengthen educational excellence for all students through programming that promotes real-world learning experiences.


  • South Lake Schools will promote innovative teaching practice to enhance student learning.
  • South Lake Schools will provide ongoing early intervention to strengthen social and academic skills.
  • South Lake Schools will increase the development of global education and world language programs to build global competency.
  • South Lake Schools will expand extra-curricular offerings to build and strengthen connections among students, school, and community.
  • South Lake Schools will explore alternate pre-school programming.
  • South Lake Schools will investigate and consider alternative calendar and schedule models (i.e. extended day, extended year, Saturday school) to raise student achievement.

Goal 2

Foster positive school, family, and community relationships.


  • South Lake Schools will intensify positive public relations and communication.
  • South Lake Schools will develop marketing strategies to inform the public of our successes.


Goal 3

Eliminate student achievement gaps related to socioeconomic status, gender, race and/or disability.


  • Construct relationships to improve student learning.
  • Form partnerships with organizations focused on addressing issues of equity.

Goal 4

Ensure educational excellence by continually evaluating the operations and maintenance of all schools and district property.


  • South Lake Schools will establish a communication plan for bond projects and related information.

Goal 5

Take required action to preserve fiscal integrity while maintaining district programs for students.


  • South Lake Schools will further explore cost saving initiatives.
  • South Lake Schools will research systems and procedures to track and control inventory.