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Elementary Report Cards

All elementary schools in South Lake use a common, standards based report card that provides parents with detailed information on the progress of their child in the curriculum offered in the district. Parents are encouraged to review each report card with their child and discuss areas of strength, as well as areas that need more practice and attention. It is important that parents understand that a report card is a snapshot of your child's progress .... if you see an area of concern, it does not indicate that your child has "failed". Rather, this means that your child still has more to learn and will be provided opportunities to learn more at school and at home. 
South Lake Schools would like parents to understand that a report card is a picture of their child's school process. Our teachers knows your child at school. You know your child at home. The "real" child is somewhere in between. When these two pictures of your child become blended with acceptance and understanding, the result is a shining portrait of someone that you care and love deeply. 
Below you will find templates of what each report card looks like at each grade level that also serve as guides for what standards are assessed at each quarter of the school year. 
If you have any questions or concerns about the report cards used in South Lake, please talk to your child's teacher, principal, or call the Curriculum Office at 586.435.1640.
Report Card Templates