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Student iPad Setup

All students in South Lake Schools will be issued an iPad with a keyboard case for the 2020-21 school year. There are a number of steps that students will need to complete in order for the iPad to be used to receive educational resources, turn in assignments, and take assessments. Please use the demonstration videos below to help you complete the necessary steps to make your device a quality educational tool.
Step 1 - How to Connect your Device to South Lake WiFi
Note: If you are setting your iPad up from home, please connect to your home WiFi.
Step 2 - How to Login to the District Web Filter
Step 3 - Login to Your District Issued Apple ID
Step 4 - Login to Office 365 Apps
Step 5 - Login to Schoology
Step 6 - Connect the OneDrive Resource App in Schoology
Step 7 - How to Join your Class for a TEAMS Meeting
Step 8 - How to Submit a Variety of Assignments in Schoology