2023-2024 Technology Fees

iPad Device Coverage - $25.00
The South Lake Board of Education is providing families with the option to insure their child’s device for a fee of $25 per device. This fee will cover the device for 1 incident of damage. The insurance only covers damage to the device and/or case. Insurance does not cover the device or case if it is lost. Parents can pay this fee by visiting www.solake.org Parents ~ e-Funds for Schools and creating an account. Parents will need their child’s last name and student number to add them to their account. Your child’s student number is the password they use to login to their school account. It can also be found on your child’s report card.
The fee can be found under the “Optional Fees” section of the website.
Insurance is available for purchase until October 2, 2023, through the e-Funds site.
www.solake.org ~ Parents ~ e-Funds for Schools.
If insurance is not purchased by October 2, 2023, parent is responsible for the full cost of repair and/or replacement.

Repair/Replacement costs for 2023-2024 are outlined below:
ITEM                                                         FEE
Device Fees for Accidental Damage  • 1st incident – parent pays cost of repair up to $250
                                    • 2nd incident – parent pays full replacement cost of device (~$300)
Device Fees for Loss                         • Parent pays full replacement cost of device (~$430)
Keyboard/Case                                  • $99.00

Charging Equipment
For the 2023-24 school year, South Lake Schools will no longer charge families a mandatory technology fee. The purpose of the technology fee was to defray the costs of the replacement of lost charging bricks and cables. Rather than charging a fee, the district will sell a charging brick and cable to families at a discounted price. The cost of a charging brick is $8 and a charging cable is $13.
The charging brick and cable can be purchased by visiting www.solake.org ~ Parents ~ e-Funds for Schools and selecting Charging Brick or Charging Cable from the Optional Fees menu.