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South Lake Schools recognizes that some families found online learning to be a good fit for their students.  In these cases, the students excelled through individual engagement with the curriculum, online resources, and teachers.  At South Lake we will provide both options, in-person and online learning, to our families. South Lake Schools will follow all health and safety recommendations from the State of Michigan and CDC for in-person instruction, and our virtual option for students will meet the needs of those seeking a rigorous virtual option for their education – the South Lake Digital Academy (SLDA). Families who want their child enrolled in SLDA must complete an online application. Acceptance into the SLDA is not guaranteed.  

What families can expect from the SLDA:

Our district staff, including administration and teachers who are providing the virtual/remote support and instruction, are committed to the rigor and expectations that students would expect in any public schooling environment.

  • Limited seats are available for online learning (students with medical needs will have priority).
  • Students will participate in the same instruction and follow the same schedule as students attending in-person learning, they will connect to in-person classrooms through videoconferencing.
  • To ensure that adequate staffing is available, the district, in conversation with the parent/guardian, will determine when a student is able to move between online and in-person learning.
  • Online students must demonstrate academic success and ongoing engagement.
  • When students are not successful with online learning, they will be reassigned to in-person learning.
  • Some courses/curricula are not available in the online environment.
  • Certified teachers provide online and in-person instruction; however, some online instruction may not be with a teacher employed by South Lake Schools. 
  • Elementary students enrolled in SLDA will have specials, but they will not be with a South Lake Teacher. 
  • Students must connect to online class(es) for the entire school day.
  • Students must turn on cameras (with a blurred background) at various times, including attendance, classroom discussion, and any other time the teacher deems appropriate.
  • Students of elementary age must always have an adult physically present.
  • Students learning online will be required to report in-person several times during the school year. 


Learning at Home

Families choosing the SLDA should be able to provide a structured home learning environment. We find students who succeed in online learning:
  • Students need to be organized and stick to a traditional routine (waking up, brushing teeth, getting ready for school, etc.)
  • Students need a dedicated space to attend school and complete schoolwork.
  • Students need to be in a seated position and be visible on-screen.
  • Students enrolled in the SLDA must be willing and capable of working independently.
  • Students need to be able to analyze, critically think, and reflect on their performance and comprehension so that they can seek the needed support of those involved in this approach.
  • Students and families should understand that students need an adult educational coach at home to be successful with this approach.



  • Students in the SLDA will be issued a district iPad with a keyboard case.
  • Students who do not have access to internet can check out a WI-FI hot spot.
Please see the Q&A document below.

SLDA Elementary Parent Meeting



Application closed at 3:00 p.m. on August 27th, 2021