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South Lake Digital Academy

Student LearningSouth Lake Schools is proud to announce an exciting opportunity for elementary students who are not prepared to return to school in the fall.  South Lake will be following health and safety recommendations from the State of Michigan and CDC for in person instruction, but we recognize that some families face challenges that make returning to school difficult. We will be providing a virtual option for students to meet the needs of those looking for a rigorous virtual opportunity for their education – the South Lake Digital Academy (SLDA).


What families can expect from the SLDA:

  • Online learning opportunities for students in grades K-5.
  • All students in SLDA will receive an iPad with a keyboard case so they can work remotely.
  • Similar rigorous curriculum offered in our traditional buildings.
  • Courses taught by certified, highly qualified South Lake teachers.
  • Courses housed in the Schoology platform.
  • A combination of live and recorded lessons in addition to independent learning activities.
  • Increased flexibility for families who's child cannot be online during all "live" instructional opportunities. 
  • Parents can monitor progress through PowerSchool and seek input from teachers when needed.
  • Access to most classes offered in person at our buildings, although some courses do not lend themselves to online learning/scheduling and will not be available through the SLDA.
  • Traditional grading and assessment based on the same standards used in our traditional buildings.
  • Access to academic counseling, social/emotional, and other services available to all South Lake students.


Learning at Home

Families choosing the SLDA should be able to provide a structured home learning environment. We find students who succeed in online learning:

  •  Set aside a specific workspace for your child.
  •  Make sure the space is equipped with items your child need to complete tasks.
  •  Follow the schedule outlined by your child’s teacher.
  •  Plan breaks appropriate for the age of your child.
  •  Limit distractions.
  •  Check in at intervals to provide help as needed.
  •  Be patient as your child adjusts to change.
  •  Be supportive and praise your child’s efforts.



To register for the South Lake Digital Academy, please complete the registration form at the link below. Application Closes at 3:00 p.m. on August 28th, 2020


Registration is now closed.


Looking for more information?

Please see the Q&A document below.